• Madrasah Abu Huraira was established to fulfil the needs of the community and currently has four main sections.

    • Qaida /Reception classes Students who join the madrasah are assessed and put in to the appropriate class. Those who are put in the reception class are given not just the Qaida but also practical’s of wudu, prayer and basic etiquettes of Islam like giving and taking with right hand, giving salam etc.
    • Quranic classes Students who finish the Qaida are then put on the Quran program. Here at madrasah Abu Huraira there is no specific time frame for finishing the Quran. Students make progress at their own speed and ability. The main aim is that the students are well acquainted with the rules of Tajweed which enables them to become good reciters of the Quran.
    • Hifz Those students who have finished the Nazira Quran are given a choice of either enrolling on the Islamic Studies class or the Hifz class. Here in the Hifz class students begin memorizing and are expected to also read the back surahs in addition to the new sabaq that is memorised.
    • Islamic Studies Students who finish the Quran have a choice of either the Hifz class or Islamic studies. Those who join the Islamic studies class are taught a variety of subjects including, Tajweed, Arabic, seerah, Fiqh, Hadith and manners.

    At present we have over 200 students studying 5 days a week from 4.15 pm to 7.40pm. We also hold monthly assemblies whereby the students are prepared to recite verses of the Holy Qur’an, Na’ats and to give speeches. In addition to this we also invite scholars to come and deliver their talks to the students.

  • We also hold weekly football sessions for the children so that they can be fit and healthy as well as keeping them away from crime.

  • We also have a small library with some 200 books; although we do not have a set time for opening any person can borrow a book by meeting the Imam. In addition to this we are also trying to build up a media library as well.

  • 1. Weekday classes 4.15 pm -5.30pm 5.40 pm – 7.40pm
    2. Weekend Urdu classes for girls and boys
    3. Mehfil zikr every Fridays 8pm – 9pm
  • The mosque currently also provides matrimonial services for those who are interested in getting married should contact the Imam or a committee member.

  • if you would like to contact us regarding the services we offer or any other issue then please contact us on any of the numbers listed below.
    Contact us
    If you would like to contact us for any further information regarding any of our services then you contact us on the following numbers
    0113 2718050