Trip to Yorkshire Dales

Our recent day out to Yorkshire dales was a great success as the students of Jamia Masjid Abu Huraira embraced and maintained their Islamic manners throughout the day. It was a good opportunity for us to act upon the blessed words of our master peace be upon him. “Removing harm from the path is a part of imaan.”

The task of the day was to carry a large pipe for at least 1 mile then to place it under the foot path preventing it from being damaged by water. This footpath is one which is used by thousands visitors every year.

We travelled along the path with 2 guides for a few miles until we met the rangers who maintained the path. Along the way we spoke about how beautiful Allah created the world and it reminded us about Allah.

We were joined by people of other religious backgrounds to carry out this task. It took at least 10 people to carry the pipe along the narrow footpath. Turns were taken to carry the front end as it was the most difficult.

Once we reached our destination a short informative speech was given by one of the teachers of Abu Huraira Masjid. There after several questions were asked from students and other listeners.

After the pipe was placed across the path and covered we raced and competed with one another until we got to the car park.

Trip to Lotherton Hall

Lotherton Hall and Gardens is a beautiful Edwardian country residence which shows the Victorian style of living. Some of the things it has on offer include exhibitions, Bird garden (which has over 200 species), spot the red deer in the park, nature trails, landscaped gardens as well as the gift shop plus loads more.

On the 26th of May 2013 some students of Jamia Masjid Abu Huraira were selected to go to a trip to Lotherton Hall. These students were selected because of their behaviour, attendance and punctuality. Not only was this a fun day trip but was also a learning experience. The students were not alone but were also privileged to have their teachers go with them. They set off at 10.00am and returned at 4.00pm. Here are the thoughts of those students.

Bird Garden

We saw many beautiful animals in the Bird garden. The bird garden is a tunnel with lots of birds in them. Some of them were friendly whilst others seemed dangerous, when we was going past we saw a little chick on the floor and two big birds were fighting over it and eventually one of them ate it, which wasn’t nice to see. We saw different types of birds and we also made bird feeders to take home. There were flamingo’s ostrich’s parrots and many more.

The Museum

At the museum we explored different rooms and learnt what it was like in the days during the war in Britain. We also saw different artefacts and the different types of clothes they wore. The museum house is like an art gallery with fun things to see and read. There were different sections of the past in the rooms and was very informative, as it took you back 100 years.

The Nature Park (Edwardian Gardens)

Next to the Museum was a nature park which had flowers and an awesome view of the countryside. It felt nice to sit walk through the countryside and see how beautiful the countryside is.

Spot the Red Deer

Next to the gardens was a huge range of deers, we couldn’t see them because they were far from us but we had fun.

Gift Shop

At the end we had an ice cream and also got to go to the gift shop, it was a great experience and we hope everyone tries to get good behaviour so that everyone can go next time.

Marya Mahmood, Zahin Ali Year 3, Amina Lodhi Year 4