The ambitious project, will insha'Allah establish a facility centric and monumental Masjid in the heart of Beeston Hill, Leeds.

It will include a community hall on the lower basement floor and three further floors for prayer and other facilities. it will provide the adequate space and facilities for the basic necessities of the Muslim community, such as;

  • Prayer halls for over 1300 worshippers.
  • Body wash and ablution facilities.
  • Fatiha rooms for men & women.
  • Library, office and a conference room.
  • Kitchen and dining facilities.

By the Grace of Allah, the al-Mighty, the construction work started on 16th april 2012. A focused and experienced Development Communitee is overseeing all aspects of the project work. The new Masjid is estimated to cost around £2.5million. This huge financial target can not be achieved without our community's moral, financial and phsyical support and contributions. the magnificent fruits and rewards of this unique endeavour are exceptional, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) stated:

Whoever builds a house (Masjid) for the pleasure of Allah, whether it be small or large, Allah builds for him a house in paradise'. [Tirmidhi]

Please capitalise on this opportunity and participate in this noble cause and appeal, by donation wholeheartedly today, from what Allah, the al-Mighty, has blessed you with. Kindly Complete the standing order form and commit to whatever you can comfortably afford or alternatively you can pay by cheques or through our online donation page